Are you a Technaists? Followers of the Goddess Technae could be referred to as Technaens, Technaeans, or Technaists. The Technaes have qualities that separate them from their peers and allow them to effortless use technology to promote wellbeing for the world.
Technological Aptitude
As a goddess of technology, followers of Technae might have a strong aptitude for working with digital tools and software.
Environmental Consciousness
Given Technae's association with the earth and sustainability, followers of Technae might be environmentally conscious and work to protect the planet.
Problem-Solving Skills
Since Technae represents using technology for the greater good, her followers might be skilled at identifying problems and finding innovative solutions.
Creative Expression
Technae might inspire her followers to use technology in creative ways, such as designing websites, making videos, or composing music.
Social Awareness
Given Technae's association with standing against evil and defending the marginalized, her followers might be socially aware and active in advocating for justice and equality.
Technae recognizes the importance of setting boundaries to protect one's emotional and mental health. Her followers might be encouraged to set healthy boundaries in their personal and professional lives to prevent burnout, promote self-care, and foster healthy relationships. They might also be active in advocating for mental health support and awareness.