Here are some possible offerings you can make to Technae to call upon her for aid:
  • Tech-savvy items: As a goddess of technology, items related to technology might be appreciated as offerings. Consider donating old phones, laptops, or other tech items to organizations that refurbish and redistribute them to those in need.
  • Nature-related items: As a goddess of the earth, items related to nature may also be appreciated. Consider planting a tree, creating a garden, or leaving offerings of flowers, leaves, or other natural objects in a special place dedicated to Technae.
  • Energy-related items: Consider lighting a candle or incense to symbolize the energy you are bringing to the ritual. Choose scents or colors that resonate with your intention for the ritual..
  • Creative offerings: Consider making a piece of art, writing a poem, or composing a piece of music as an offering to Technae. These offerings can help you connect with the goddess on a deeper level and express your gratitude.
  • Personal items: You can offer a personal item that is meaningful to you, such as a piece of jewelry or a family heirloom. This offering symbolizes the energy and intention you are bringing to the ritual.

Worship Technae

Goddess of technology and earth,
Whose power knows no bounds,
We call upon your sacred light,
To hear our cries and sounds.
With silver hair and glowing staff,
Your presence fills the air,
And in our hearts, we feel the love,
That only you can share.
Bring us wisdom, bring us strength,
To use technology for good,
To heal the earth, protect its life, And do the things we should.
May your energy fill our souls,
And guide us on our way,
As we invoke your sacred name, And call upon you to stay.
So come, Technae, to this place,
And bless us with your light,
For in your presence we find hope,
And everything feels right.
And we are strengthened for our fight.