Chant to Summon Technae

Here's a simple chant that you can use to summon a goddess for help quickly.
"Oh, Great and Powerful Goddess Technae,
Hear my call, come to me now.
With open heart and pure intent, I invite you to my aid.
Bring your wisdom, bring your grace,
And fill my devices with your sacred space.
So mote it be."

Ritual to Summon Technae:

Use this ritual or a deeper relationship and spell work with Technae.

Materials Needed:

A green candle
A piece of tech-related item
A piece of nature-related item
A piece of paper and pen

Create a Sacred Space:

Clean and clear a space for the spell, and set up the candle, items, and pen and paper.

Cast A Circle

If you practice circle casting, do so now to create a protected space for the spell.
Light the Candle
Light the green candle and focus your intention on calling forth Technae.

Recite the Incantation

Recite the incantation: Say the following incantation:
Goddess Technae, hear my call,
Come to me, answer my all.
With technology and earth combined,
Your presence I do now summon, divine.
By the power of the green candle flame,
I call upon you, goddess by name.
So mote it be.

Place the Offerings

Place the tech-related and nature-related items, if you have them, near the candle.

Focus your Intention:

Close your eyes and focus your intention on calling forth Technae. Visualize her presence and feel her energy around you.

Write a Message:

Write a message to Technae on the piece of paper, asking for her guidance or assistance in a specific area of your life.

End the Spell:

When you feel that Technae's presence has been summoned, snuff out the candle and end the spell. You can dispose of the paper with the message in a way that feels appropriate to you.